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Be Skillful - Be Productive - Be Support-System

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

25 financially weak females have been trained in Sewing and Knitting FREE of cost with the vision of Skill India to empower our Sisters and Mothers of Khajuri Panchayat, Dist Saharsa, Bihar. A 30 day FREE Sewing & Knitting Training Program was organized by Swastikam from 15th February 2022 to 14th March 2022 to make our Sisters skillful so that they can be a support system for their house and family.

Our sincere thanks to our Treasurer Smt. Jyoti Sinha, and Operation Director Sri Shravan Kumar for executing this training program and make these 25 women self dependent to earn their living by their own.

We are thankful to our Trainer Smt. Chandra Prabha Kumari who use to travel 12 Kms daily to train these women and make them stand of their own.

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