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We have a responsibility as an NGO to develop a healthy and educated society, so that future generation can prosper and live a healty

Art & Culture

Swastikam NGO keeps on organizing Painting Competitions among Children from time to time in different villages and different schools so that students and children can be motivated towards art and color. This initiative will bring creativity and positive thinking among the students and parents. We always try to keep the learning process and education very handy and fun-filled events. Through painting competitions, we always try to influence the non-school-going children to join the school to have fun and a life filled with color and opportunities.

Till now 5 Painting Competition have been organized by Swastikam in Bihar

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We carried out different Programs in Government and Non Government School to improve the educational and environmental structure of the school.  "School Me Gift Hai", "Sarvaangeen Baal Vikash Pehal", etc. are the initiative that are being run by Swastikam NGO in Balhi village School and neighboring village government schools. The flow of student in the school got increased drastically with these programs, the discipline of every student got an exponential change with these initiative. These initiatives increased the potentials, knowledge, attitude, of almost all the students whom we worked with

600+ students from different schools benefited with these programs.

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Swastikam carried out many Sports Competition at School level, Community Level, Village level to promote fitness and mental exercise. We organized many physical and mental Sports Competition among student of Government Schools so that they learn many new things and get knowledge equivalent to the students of private convent schools. We prepare the Government school students through extracurricular activities so that they can get familiar with new way of teaching and education. We also work with Non-School children so that these children can get motivation and join schools and get educated.

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International Film Festival

Swastikam carried out 2 International Short Film Festival with the name "Khamrubu International Short Film Festival", to promote Art and Cultures of the world.

We are committed to bring multiple new cinema of the world to Khamrubu Platform with new talents so that these new talent can express and speak through their creativity. It take, lots of effort and team work to complete a project so proper attention and space should be given to the hard work and effort that someone had given to their creativity.

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