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We are having high priority for Humanitarian Response. Our team try to reach as many people as possible to give them immediate Humanitarian Response so that relief and Rehabilitation can be brought to the victims, needy and affected people or community.

Flood Situation

We carried out many Flood Relief Response projects in Bihar and Assam to the flood affected people and distributed flood relief kits which included dry ration, medicines, cloths, tarpaulin, milk, vegetables, oils, nutrition products, etc.

Thousands of people benefited from 5 Flood Relief Programs executed by Swastikam NGO in Bihar and Assam.

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Winter Care

We have reached many people who are helpless and financially not able to bare the price to buy warm cloths in the extreme winter season of Bihar, specially in mid December to mid January. Swastikam NGO distributed 900+ ward Quilts and Cloths to the old and needy people.



We provide Relief and Rehabilitation on Humanitarian Ground to the genuine affected people who get evicted by the government. We don't interfere with the proceedings and orders of the Government but we only deal with the reliefs to be provided to the affected people so that Women, Children and Old people do not get trapped in harsh climatic conditions.

Our work have impacted hundreds of life of Tribal of Assam due to these type of genuine effort.

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