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Health Care

There are ways to help and support people and community. To motivate people towards Doctors and Medicines and not to fall in the trap of Ojha and Tantrik we do frequent Health Camp and distributes medicines free of cost to them. We motivate people to leave the habit of drug and alcohol consumption and we also worked in Covid19 situation.

FREE Medical Health Camp

Swastikam NGO organized many FREE Medical Health Camp for the masses and distributed medicines, syrups, etc. to every visitor FREE of cost. The medicines used to be provided by the NRHM(National Rural Health Mission) and NHM (National Health Mission), with the support from local administration.


We gets the support from different Hospital also, for Doctors and Nurses, Arya Hospital, Critical Care Hospital from Assam comes the first in the list.

We get the monetary help from different organizations, individuals to conduct these types of FREE Medical Health camp.


Medicine Distribution

We have a database of hundreds of people who cannot afford to buy medicines, even there are many who cannot travel to the shop to buy medicines, our team members reaches them to their places to give them general medicines and tonics.

Medicine Distribution.jpg

Old Age Care

We don't have any Old Age Home, but we do take care of few Old Age People from their house itself by providing them basic things, including food, medicines, cloths, etc.


Covid - 19

We have distributed 18,500+ Masks, Sanitizers, Soaps, Sanitary Pads, etc to the people in different villages at the time of Covid19.


Anti Drug Drive

Swastikam NGO promotes Anti Drug Drive in different villages so that people should leave the habits of drug and alcohol consumption.

Till date 1200+ people left the habit of taking Drugs, Alcohol Consumption, Tobacco, Gutkha, etc.

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