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We give different types of technical commercial  training training to the needy poor people so that they can help their family and be self dependent.

Skill Development Training

Our utmost priority should be to empower our female sisters from different villages. If the Female of a house is educated and empowered, she will push the entire house as well as the whole of community and village and it's dependent to the next level of self empowerment and self sustainability.

We give technical training to the most poor of the poorest females so that they can be a support system to their house and earn money and help her family.

Skill Dev 2.jpg

Product Promotion

We help skilled poor people in promoting their homemade products. In today's market people go for brand and attractive packaging. We help skilled people who have their homemade product in designing, printing, packaging, branding, licensing, nutrition values for food items, etc. work so that their products can be set as per the market standard.

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