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Swastikam was established in 2003. Since its inception, we have been creating impact, with our focus on social
development, women empowerment, healthcare, education, poverty alleviation (both economic and humanitarian),
environment, and sustainable development.

We have been tirelessly working in these areas to bring about a positive change.

Swastikam has been implementing projects and programmes in humanitarian response, healthcare, primary education et al, pan India, with a special focus in North-East, Bihar, and Jharkhand. In the near future, we are working towards
increasing our area of operations and marking our presence across geographies.



Our mission is to be able to create an equitable society, sustainable communities, where each member is aware of one’s own responsibilities and contributes towards a greater good and a better and brighter tomorrow.


We envision a society where each generation passes on the baton of doing good. Where coming generations live more responsibly and do not just think about the present, but also leave the world a little better than it was, be it in terms of resources or moral compass.

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Holding Hands

Swastikam is Registered with Niti Aayog, Government of India.

NGO Darpan Unique ID - BR/2020/0270931

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