About Swastikam

We are committed to the people who are in need. At Swastikam we want every needy to get their due part. If you want to bring smile and happiness to these faces, if you want that people should not sleep empty stomach, if you want to save the women and female children, if you want to save the animals, if you want to educate the kids, if you want to stop discrimination and many more thing than please join us, help us for the better tomorrow to these people.

We are registered with Niti Aayog, NGO Darpan, Government of India, the Unique ID of Niti Aayog is BR/2020/0270931

We believe that we can't change the world, but we can bring smile to those faces for whom we work...

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Our Dream

Our Dream is to work for a better Society

where everyone thinks for the development of others.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring smile to others.


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