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Swastikam NGO was established in 2003, since then the  organization has been expanding continuously in terms of social development, environment protection, nature preservation, animal protection, cultural development and preservation, resource management, and many more. Swastikam has worked for the promotion of sustainable, equitable and participatory development, social welfare and social justice through: Program for social work, Human  Resources Management, Health service and other human service through social research and dissemination of socially relevant knowledge, social intervention through training and field action, contribution to social and welfare policy and program at state, and National levels. Over the years, the organization has made a significant contribution in several areas, ranging from sustainable rural and urban development through Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment, Nature, Animal, and Rights to the living being, etc.

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Our mission is to be able to create an equitable society, sustainable communities, where each member is aware of one's own responsibility and contributions towards a greater good and a better and brighter tomorrow.


We envision a society where each generation passes on the baton of doing well. Where coming generation live more responsibly and do not just think about the present, but also leave the world a little better then it was, be it in terms of resources or moral compass.

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Holding Hands

Swastikam is Registered with Niti Aayog, Government of India.

NGO Darpan Unique ID - BR/2020/0270931

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Our Dream

Our Dream is to work for a better Society

where everyone thinks for the development of others. In other words we are working to fulfill the dreams of others.


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