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There are many Proposed Projects which will be implemented by Swastikam within coming days.

Independent Companies / NGO / CSR, etc. can come forward to finance these project.


Mobile & DTH Repairing Technical Training

The basic objective of this project is to make financially weak, poor of the poorest unskilled men and women of rural areas, skillful enough to repair the mobile phone and install DTH for the local people either from their houses themselves or by opening a Mobile Repair Shop and DTH Installation outlet in a nearby market so that they could earn money. The beneficiaries are the one who is very weak in terms of finance, it is very important to help them technically so that they can earn extra income and be a support system for their family.

30 Days Project


Saharsa Jail Inmate Technical Training & Meditation

The lives of inmates in most of the jails is dreary and they are more susceptible to mental illness like depression and lack of enthusiasm (hopelessness). This could be because they are insecure about their future (once they will be released) related to relationships, social acceptance, and financial security. The space in jails could also lead to a feeling of claustrophobia. This all leads to stress, tension, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Studies also show that impact on mental health condition of prisoners among State institutions is higher and more frequent. Hence, we propose to carry out trainings that will help them overcome above mentioned issues. Our endeavor is to mitigate the problem by providing them holistic training that would address both, mental and financial health of the inmates. The training provided to them will enable them to make healthier life choices. Once they are released from jail, empowered with training, they could explore various employment opportunities.

45 + 30 Days Project

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