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Sustainability, Agriculture &
Waste Management

Swastikam NGO works on Sustainability and Agriculture to give a long lasting solution and benefits to the environment and to the Mother Earth and it's dependents.

We have a duty to protect our natural resources as we use it so that the coming generations do not suffer from the unavailability of natural products and resources.


We have planted 2800 Trees from the financial year 2018 till 2021with the support from Forest Department, Patna and Saharsa and with the help of Patna Home-Guard and local people of Saharsa. Planting tree will always benefit to the next generation for fresh and clean oxygen.

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India is a land of farmers, the backbone of Indian economy is Agriculture, our core principal should be to help Farmers in developing their Farming and Helping them in growing more and more crops so that their income can be increased and they face less economic burden.


Waste Management

We are also making a mechanism where the health of waste pickers and the people involved in waste disposal, like truck drivers, assistant, bottle and plastic pickers, municipality workers, slum dwellers, etc could be taken care of and the health related issues could be monitored with medicines and medical treatment can also be provided free of cost.


Plastic Waste Management

In this developing or developed world we have harmed a lot to the nature with the use of plastic, so it's our duty to reuse, recycle the existing plastic that we have so that the use of new plastic and it's products could be stopped. We are working on a sustainable solution for the plastic issues so that new items and productions of plastic can be stopped. We are working on promotion of "NO PLASTIC" or "BAN PLASTIC" or "RE-USE PLASTIC", among village, communities, school and market level so that there will a consciousness among people to leave plastic and use homemade product against plastic.

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