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Cleanliness Drive to Promote Swachh Bharat Mission

The newly elected Ward Sadasya of Ward No. 2 from Balhi Village Sri Shravan Kumar approached us to volunteer for Swachh Bharat Mission and help them in cleaning a road which is used by the villagers as a place to Open Defecation and Latrine and throwing garbage. On 22-12-2021 we setup a team and educated the villagers not to defect in open and also promoted them to throw the garbage in a separate place. We also cleaned the roads in the villages and sanitized the area with lime powder. Shanu Sinha, Rupesh Verma, Rupesh Mukhiya, Jyotish Sahni, Pinku Mukhiya, Shankar Sahni, Chavi Verma and many other villagers supported and volunteered the Drive.

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